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Important considerations when buying a used car

There are three important considerations to take into account when buying a car.

  1. Inspection
  2. Test drive
  3. Paperwork


  • Do not inspect vehicles at night or in poor light – Manukau Park & Sell is open during daylight hours between 9am and 5.30pm
  • Manukau Park & Sell’s vehicle yard service offers you the opportunity to inspect, touch and test drive all vehicles rather than buying ‘sight unseen’

Manukau Park & Sell advises buyers to get a professional pre-purchase inspection done, before buying any used vehicle. Prices for this service range from $140 - $160. We think this is well worth it for the peace of mind it provides!

Test Drive

Take a walk around the vehicle before getting in to check things like the tyres.
Gauge how much space the car has, front and back. Is it big enough to fit you and your needs?
The main things you will be checking for on a test drive are comfort, performance (power), braking and overall feel.

  • Take the vehicle on the motorway to test it at speed, and run it up a couple of hills to see how it performs – try different terrains, including bumpy and or twisting roads to get a feel for handling and power.
  • Check the air conditioning by switching it on and off
  • Adjust your seats to make sure they work
  • Pop the boot, bonnet and petrol cap to make sure they all work
  • Get someone who knows about cars – either a mechanic or professional vehicle inspector to check the car before you buy.

Vehicle title

One of the pitfalls of buying a vehicle online privately is that it may have finance owing on it, in which case the finance company will take back the car and you will be out of pocket. The car may even be stolen.

All vehicles sold at Manukau Park & Sell have confirmed ownership, making them safe for you to buy.

Warrant of Fitness

Vehicles sold by dealers must have a current warrant of fitness, but this is not required of private sellers because these transactions are more often than not ‘as is’. Manukau Park & Sell can organise a WOF update if advised by the buyer or seller.

Sale Agreement

It’s important to document the agreement, so buyer and seller have a clear understanding what is expected of each party – both price and any conditions of the sale. Manukau Park & Sell draws up sales paperwork according to the advice of both parties to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

Change of ownership

Whenever buying a car, it’s important to ensure the change of ownership happens at the time of sale. When you buy at Manukau Park & Sell the change of ownership will be completed before you leave the yard – you’ll be given a confirmation, and receive NZTA paperwork by post within 10 working days.

Optional services

  • Quick and easy vehicle finance arranged
  • Comprehensive insurance and warranty cover available before you drive away
  • Customisation services on site seven days a week, include window tinting, tow bars, audio systems and alarms fitted
  • Independent vehicle inspections

View, test-drive and buy at Manukau Park & Sell, 590 Great South Road, Manukau - Open 9.00am - 5.30pm, 7 days

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"Thanks for all your help with selling my car. This was much easier than the money I spent trying to sell it privately!"

Fiona, Papatoetoe

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